Welcome to Consus International

CONSUS International Limited and its associate companies have established over a relatively short period of time, a solid reputation in the highly competitive businesses of Occupational and Environmental Corporate Risk Management and Risk Profiling. It thrives in promoting Business Excellence and International Quality Standards.

It has a selective and prestigious client base spanning a range of industrial and commercial sectors to which it provides quality risk management services covering health, safety, environmental management and public health issues.

CONSUS has a strong reputation for high standards of customer service and professional ethics in order to develop robust professional long-term relationships with its clients.

CONSUS has developed in association with regional partners CONSUS business units formed as a direct result of and expanding client base generated through client ‘recommendation’ and endorsements and as a direct consequence of the enhanced reputation of the CONSUS brand. Associations or incorporated business Units are currently active in South East Asia (Singapore), Africa (Namibia) and the Channel Islands. CONSUS has formed business units in India with local partners and consolidated its Middle East client base into CONSUS International (Middle East) Ltd.

Expansion into the Maritime sector, again following recommendation and invitation, resulted in the formation of a sector specific business unit to serve its clients and support the sector.

Why choose CONSUS:

CONSUS’ approach is based on a unique ability to provide a high quality corporate risk management service, covering health, safety, public health, environmental management, management systems, business continuity and brand and reputation risk management, focused on the AD EHSMS disciplines. This has enabled CONSUS to select and develop a portfolio of prestigious, world-leading clients spanning a range of industrial and commercial sectors.
Risk Management Philosophy:
CONSUS has developed a reputation for bringing together extremely competent, professional and eminent consultants, including specialist ‘contracted independents’ due to their international standing and specialism. CONSUS’ lead consultants have researched, developed and conducted training courses all over the world, including the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia, as well as providing strategic consultancy support. Furthermore, CONSUS adopts a unique and innovative approach towards corporate risk management based on identifying the emerging risks that are present to organisations today.
CONSUS prides itself on exceeding customer needs and delivering the highest possible standards of customer service. CONSUS’ close geographical location to its customers allows the development of robust, professional and long-term client relationships based on trust. CONSUS endeavors to build relationships with customers, who share the same high moral and ethical standards.